Portal messages are for non-urgentlogistical matters only and are not a replacement for scheduled visits.  Call 911 or go to the ER for urgent or emergent symptoms.  The office is CLOSED Dec 21-Jan 2.  Please plan accordingly. 

Locations and dates:

TBD - 8091 Shaffer Parkway in LITTLETON, CO (inside Integral PT)

November 20 - 8795 Ralston Rd, Suite 114D in ARVADA, CO (inside Elevation Wellness)

TBD - 2304 Lineville Rd Ste 112 in GREEN BAY, WI  (inside ATI PT)

All patients MUST be seen in person at least ONCE YEARLY and periodic visits are required for prescription refills. Refill requests must come directly from the patient.

Check carefully the time zone of your appointment.  You can set your own local time zone in the portal under 'My Account Details'.

Communicate only through the portal.  Disability paperwork will not be completed at or following the first visit and consideration of such forms is at the discretion of Dr. Bluestein.  

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